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Roswell Then and Now: The Crash


By Dennis Balthaser


When Marcel learned about what this rancher had on his property, he and Captain Cavitt, the Counterintelligence officer followed Brazel back up to the ranch. Arriving at dusk, to late to see anything, they spent the night on the ranch in the old building pictured to the left, going to the debris field the next morning.


They collected as much material as would fit in their vehicles to take back to the base. Marcel however, decided to stop by his house before returning to the base and woke up his wife and 11 year old son Jesse Jr., about 1 am, to show them the material. Some of the material was brought into the kitchen, spread out on the floor and examined. Jesse Jr. would later describe the material as three types: a small I-beam like material with writing on it similar to hieroglyphics, very thin material, and a material which today would be referred to as a bake elite or plastic material. According to witnesses that handled the material, the thin material could not be burned, torn, or dented, and when crumpled up returned to its original shape in a few seconds showing no creases.



Major Jesse Marcel, Sr. and Dr. Jesse Marcel, Jr.

Photo of Dr. Jesse Marcel, Jr., Courtesy of Stanton Friedman


Both Major Marcel and his son, Jesse Marcel Jr., are two of the most credible witnesses to the whole Roswell incident.


Major Marcel received commendation and recommendation letters before and after the Roswell Incident, for his intelligence work in the military.


I have seen 10 or 12 of these documents and one issued August 12, 1948, was written by Colonel John D. Ryan, who went on to become Air Force Chief of Staff, a pretty impressive source for a commendation. Marcel himself was recommissioned in 1948 assigned to the Strategic Air Command , Chief of a foreign intelligence division, and later to a Top Secret Special Weapons Project, hardly the type responsibilities assigned to an individual that couldn't tell a weather balloon from a flying saucer. Major Marcel was again involved when the cover-up took form, which I'll explain later.


Jesse Marcel Jr., Major Marcel's son, today, is a medical doctor in Montana, a flight surgeon, a pilot in the reserves and has served on a number of military aircraft accident investigation teams.


When hearing about the ranch foreman's story, Walt Whitmore, owner of radio station KGFL, decided to drive out to the ranch and brought Mac Brazel back to town, in order to obtain an exclusive on his story, keeping him overnight at his house, after making a wire recording of Brazel's story at the station. That recording would never be aired on the radio station as the Federal Communications Commission informed the station that if the recording was aired, " they would have 24 hours to find something else to do, because they would no longer be in the radio business". The military eventually located the rancher in town, picked him up and took him to the base, keeping him under guard and interrogated him for several days. When finally released, the ranch foreman's story had changed, and he no longer talked about it.



































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When ranch foreman, Mac Brazel decided to come to Roswell with some pieces of the debris scattered all over his ranch, he stopped at Sheriff Wilcox's office to see if the Sheriff knew what the material might be. Wilcox didn't know what it was so he contacted the Roswell Army Air Field and talked to Major Jesse Marcel, the Intelligence officer of the 509th.



William Ware "Mack" Brazel

Sheriff George Wilcox

Chavez County Jail as it would have appeared in 1947 (left) .





The jail as it appears today (right).

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