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Roswell Then and Now: Higher Up Takes Over


By Dennis Balthaser


With things apparently progressing expediently at Roswell Army Air Field pertaining to secrecy, crating and loading the debris and bodies up for shipment out of New Mexico, General Roger Ramey, in charge of 8th Air Force Headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, (which Roswell Army Air Field was under), summoned Major Marcel (the intelligence officer I mentioned earlier), to Fort Worth, with some of the debris, so Ramey could see it and make a public announcement. This was apparently very well planned, because when Marcel arrived in Fort Worth and was taken to Ramey's office, with debris he had brought with him, he was told to put the debris on a desk, and General Ramey asked Marcel to go into the map room with him, to show him on a map where this incident had happened. When Marcel and the General came out of the map room, the debris that Marcel had brought with him was no longer on the desk, and in its place was a damaged weather balloon on the floor. (Having myself been in the military, Ramey's statement to Marcel when he questioned where the material was he brought with him, is to me, one of the classics in pulling rank). General Ramey told Major Marcel, "You pose with the debris for the pictures and I'll answer the questions". Up until the time of Marcel's death in 1986, he continued to state that, "the material he posed with for the pictures in General Ramey's office, was not the same material he had brought to Fort Worth from Roswell".

Photo taken by James Bond Johnson

(Photo with permission, U. of Texas at Arlington Libraries, Special Collections)

There were several pictures taken in Ramey's office that day, but one in particular is of interest some 50 years later. I'm sure that General Ramey didn't realize in 1947, that some day in the future, the technology would be available to analyze photographs through computers, magnification and other means, to possibly hold the General responsible for possibly proving the truth about the Roswell Incident.


This photograph was taken in the same office as the previous one I showed you with Major Marcel. General Roger Ramey is kneeling down on the left. Seated next to him was Colonel Thomas DuBose, Chief of Staff, of the 8th Air Force. If you look closely at this photograph, you will notice that General Ramey is holding what appears to be a teletype message. Whats important about that teletype is the fact that the writing, (printed type), is facing the camera.

Photo taken by James Bond Johnson

(Photo with permission, U. of Texas at Arlington Libraries, Special Collections)


The teletype is being thoroughly analyzed by several groups around the country. So far there is agreement in the ufology community that the following words appear on the teletype: "discs", "victims of the wreck forwarded to (blank) at Fort Worth". Line 7 mentions weather balloons believed related to a cover story.


Would it not be interesting if the man who helped cover up the Roswell Incident in 1947, Gen. Ramey, 52 years later would be the same person that might finally reveal what happened near Roswell, through a photograph taken years ago. Its an interesting scenario.


So General Ramey, probably under instructions from Washington had the cover up in place with photos to prove it. What happened at Roswell a few days ago, was not a crashed flying saucer, but merely a weather balloon that members of the atomic bomb group, (the 509th), misidentified.


One day after the newspaper headline of July 8, 1947 stated we captured a flying saucer, there was a new headline, authorized by General Ramey, stating, "Gen. Ramey Empties Roswell Saucer". This was excuse number 2.



This paper was dated July 9, 1947, 5 days after the incident occurred out in the high plains of New Mexico. The cover up was now firmly in place.


People have asked over the years why was it called the "Roswell Incident" if it happened near Corona? Well, the crash site was referred to as the Corona debris field because it was closer to the town of Corona than Roswell, but the military base was at Roswell, so it became the Roswell Incident due to the Military involvement.






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