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By Dennis Balthaser





By now, some of you are probably wondering to yourself, "What is Dennis talking about?". But before I get into the "interception", I'll give you some history and explain how this all started.


In the latter part of May of this year, the International UFO Museum and Research Center received a phone call from a gentleman in Oklahoma, who tonight will be referred to as the son. He was very concerned about some information his father had just revealed to him. This man indicated he was not aware of the Roswell Incident that allegedly happened in 1947.  (I must note here again, that this phone call was in late May, 1997, more than a month prior to the media blitz that Roswell received during the 50th. anniversary, when everyone in the world probably learned about Roswell).


The son told us that he and a good friend had visited his father, who is a resident of a rest home, where he has been since being diagnosed with terminal cancer. During that visit his father stated that he had been stationed at Roswell in 1947, assigned to a military police detachment. He talked about an unusual event. In addition to talking about Roswell, his father showed him a piece of metal he had kept all these years, without anyone knowing about it.  A decision was made by the family, to contact the Roswell Army Air Field, where his father had been stationed in 1947. They were apparently not aware that the Roswell Army Air Field no longer existed, and when he tried to phone, he was told by directory assistance to contact the museum in Roswell. So it was quite by accident, that we were contacted.


The information we obtained on the phone from the son of this man was startling to say the least. You have to understand, when you receive a call such as this one, the adrenaline starts flowing and you want to get all of the information you possibly can. The person taking notes did get a lot of information, that made this seem like something really important, as I personally found out later, I believe it was.


The gentleman calling appeared to be very sincere, on the verge of breaking down as he talked, and fearful for his father and his own family.  He also appeared to honestly not be aware of much of anything connected to the Roswell Incident, other than what his father had told him very recently, as described to us by the person receiving the phone call at the museum.


The notes taken during that initial call are as follows, and would be the son telling us what his father had told him.


He was assigned to protect a live being-from another world.


He showed his son a strange metallic piece, which was removed from an old foot-locker that had apparently not been opened for a long time as the son said, it was difficult to open.


The piece of metal was in a box, wrapped up and was the size of a silver dollar. He said it resembled chewing gum foil.  His dad moved things off the night stand and told his son to put the metal down on the corner of the night stand. When it was crumbled up, it opened up and there were no creases.


He transferred to Roswell from the European 7th Army Division.


They were told to load up in a PC truck.


Had 30 men, heavily armed and assumed it was an aircraft crash.


An ambulance came up from the desert, through rough terrain and ruts. There were three other vehicles in front and two in the rear.


It was a 45 to 50 minute drive to the site.


A lieutenant ordered them to surround the back entrance to the hospital.


He described the being, as child size, deformed, and walked into the rear door of the hospital. They were ordered not to allow anyone to enter the back door of the hospital.


Cleared the entire hospital out-doctors, nurses, etc.


He stayed on guard duty more or less 8 hours at the hospital and mentioned the heat, etc.


If anyone got in the way at the hospital, they were authorized to shoot them.


Finally, he told his son, upon discharge, everyone who had been involved was told if they talked about this, he'd never see the sun rise the next day.


We obtained a name and address of the son and advised him that we would Fed-Ex him a copy of the video, "The UFO Secret " and a packet of information, so he and his father could view one of the documentaries about the Roswell Incident, since the son had indicated he was not familiar with the event.  The son was very concerned about confidentiality, and wanted assurance that his father and his family were OK by doing this.  He was emphatic about confidentiality, and was assured by us that we would do everything possible to maintain that. The son felt very apprehensive about his father having the metal, and offered it to the museum.  We told him we were a non-profit organization, and had previously dealt with such items.  We offered no monetary compensation for the metal object.


The son agreed to call us after he had received the video and packet of information, which was shipped to him May 27, 1997.


Here I think it would be a good idea for you to know that many of the decisions that are made at the museum, are not necessarily one person's view, but rather that several people are usually involved in order to get different views and opinions.  That seems to serve everyone better, including our visitors.  Things work a lot smoother when business is conducted in this manner.


So after the phone call, a meeting was held with a few of the museum's staff members, at which time we listened and discussed the notes taken during the call. We all agreed it sounded like something that should be very thoughtfully and carefully followed up on. We also agreed that for the time being, the discussion should go no further than those of us in that office.  We further agreed, that if in fact we could obtain the metal, we would protect it and do nothing with it until after the 50th anniversary, which we were all busily preparing for.


We had experienced the testing of a piece of metal before when we received the piece in March 1996, but we also believed that due to the emotion, concern and other feelings expressed by this individual, this might have much more serious implications than the other piece of metal had.  A decision to pursue it after we heard from the gentleman again was agreed on.


One of the key remarks made by the son that I was picking up on, was the metal itself, as this fit perfectly with the description we have all heard for many years, about metal that doesn't crease after being bent or crumbled.


We now waited to hear from Oklahoma again.


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