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One of the most rewarding aspects of doing this research, is the opportunity I have from time to time to interview individuals not only of the 1947 Roswell Incident, but other topics and individuals that interest me like Area 51, the Pyramids and some of the key researchers in the various areas of my interest.


In the future I hope to share those interviews with you here, and by doing so hopefully will ask some of the same questions you would have asked given the opportunity to interview these individuals. Together maybe we can get a little inside about the events and the people connected.



Interview of Roswell Incident First-Hand witness — November 2012


Interview of James Bond Johnson— April 2001


Researcher Kevin Randle's response to my interview with James Bond Johnson— June, 2001

NBC TODAY weekend show host, Lester Holt, Producer Kim Cornett and a film crew from New York were in Roswell last week to interview local UFO Researcher Dennis Balthaser for an a segment that aired Saturday, Feb 23 on the TODAY show.

To see a video of Dennis' segment, "Secrecy Shrouds UFO Sites," click this link and look for the icon to the left.


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