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"Hi Dennis,


Thank you so much for  spending time with us today.  It would be an understatement to say that "you made our day!"


We have to say that throughout our ensuing 3 hour drive to Lubbock Texas (where we are staying tonight), we did not stop talking about how great our time with you was and how interesting we found the tour!!  Honestly, we just talked the entire drive and remembered/repeated all the bits of information you had shared with us and the sites we had seen!


We will definitely look up the website and read up on the editorials with our newfound curiosity, and look forward to telling all our friends about your incredible tour (showing them all our photos too!).  As well as tripadvisor too(!)


Kindest regards and thank you again."


- The T's



"Dear Dennis,


I have returned to Australia and I want to thank you again for the wonderful tour of Roswell, and for your depth of knowledge about the Roswell incident including facts and insights that I have never heard before.


Upon my return my daughters bought me some dvd documentaries and the first one I put on had an interview with you, so I was very pleased to be able to show them the investigator who gave me the tour!


I will keep my eyes open for any conference opportunities in Australia because it would be great if you were able to visit and give a talk on Roswell, and/or other topics such as Area 51.


Best Wishes and may God Bless you,"


Paul S.

Approximately 17 different locations are visited during the tour, including the former homes of several of the first hand witnesses, and a drive by of several of the Museums. Since Roswell has a rich “old west history” a few of those locations are included, as well as a drive through of a portion of the historical district, with the various architecture used in homes years ago. One of the most popular portions of the tour involves driving down to the Roswell Industrial Air Park, known as the Roswell Army Airfield in 1947 when the UFO Incident occurred. Many of the buildings are still there some 60 years later including Building 84, where the bodies and debris were allegedly stored until being shipped out to other locations.


• A brief itinerary of the tour is as follows:


• Tour picked up at a predetermined time and location


• Roswell Daily Record newspaper current location


• Drive by of rocket scientist Robert Goddard workshop and Roswell Art Museum


• Drive by former homes of Intelligence Officer Major Jesse Marcel, and Public Relations Officer Walter Haut


• Drive through one of Roswell’s Historical home Districts (N. Lea St)


• Drive by Southeast New Mexico Historical Museum


• Current City Hall (Roswell Police Station in 1947)


• Pioneer Plaza—Chisum Trail statue of John Chisum and his steer Ruidoso. Also former locations of Roswell Daily Record newspaper and UFO Museum. (Chaves County Courthouse is across Main St)


• Former location of Sheriff Wilcox’s office and County jail in 1947. Also statue of Pat Garrett who shot outlaw Billy the Kid


• Drive by of UFO Museum (Roswell Morning Dispatch newspaper was located where the Museum gift shop is today.)


• Ballard Funeral Home where mortician Glenn Dennis worked in 1947


• Drive to former Roswell Army Airfield (now Roswell Industrial Air Park)


• Drive by 1947 Base Commander Colonel Blanchard’s home


• Vacant lot where base hospital was located


• 1947 Roswell Army Airfield Fire Station


• Flight Operations building where some of the debris was loaded on airplanes for shipment out of Roswell


• Hangar 84 (Currently Building 84) where bodies and debris were kept prior to being shipped out. (Original 1947 water tower across the street)


• Chaves County Administration Building (Former location of St. Mary’s Hospital)


• Return to original pick up location


As the tour progresses, other information pertinent to the 1947 Incident and Roswell in general is shared with the tour guests, such as the locations of the crash sites, the commercial airline aircraft being stored at the airport, the only “flying saucer” McDonalds restaurant in the world located in Roswell, etc.



Anyone interested in a Roswell tour should contact Tony Cisneros at his website www.roswellufotours.com or call him at his toll free number 888 991 6718.

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