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Roswell Then and Now: Military Busy


By Dennis Balthaser


Under orders from Base Commander Colonel Blanchard, (which probably came down from higher up the chain of command), Public Relations officer of the 509th., Walter Haut, was told to write an article for distribution to the local news media, that the Roswell Army Airfield had recovered a flying saucer on a ranch near Roswell, New Mexico. Haut wrote the article on July 8, 1947, and it appeared not only in the local Roswell Daily Record that afternoon, but also in many of the major newspapers, west of Chicago.


(To my knowledge this is the only media report in the history of the United States, admitting to the existence of UFOs, in our possession). Haut still lives in Roswell and several researchers believe that he may have more knowledge of the Incident than he's revealed over the years, as he was the Public Relations officer and one would assume that he was included in staff meetings, in addition to being a close personal friend of Colonel Blanchard. On a personal note, it has always amazed me how many of the military people involved in the Roswell Incident in 1947, decided to remain and retire in Roswell.


The Roswell Daily Record of July 8, 1947, had the headline: "RAAF Captures Flying Saucer On Ranch in Roswell Region"


I mentioned earlier that the Air Force would issue 4 excuses for what happened in Roswell during the 50 years, since the incident happened. This newspaper headline, written under the approval of a United States Army/Air Force Base commander was the first. We had a captured flying saucer in our possession.


These were without a doubt busy days with extremely high security on the base and the surrounding areas of Roswell, until the military and government could get a handle on this story.

By the time ranch foreman Mac Brazel returned to his ranch, all evidence of the debris was gone. The military apparently had brought in many soldiers to thoroughly "comb" the debris site, and all the material picked up at the site had been taken back to the Roswell Army Airfield, where 10 to 12 cargo planes were used to take that "weather balloon" out of Roswell, with most of it going to Wright Field in Dayton, Ohio, which today is known as Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Some of us believe that today, much of the material may be at Area 51, in Nevada, which also for many years didn't exist according to the government. There are several well documented reports from witnesses pertaining to guarding the material and even bodies at Hangar 84 on the base, which today is referred to as Building 84 and commercially used for refurbishing private airplanes.


Hangar 84 Then

Hangar 84 Now

A young local mortician, Glenn Dennis was employed by Ballard Funeral home in Roswell at the time of the incident.


Glenn's involvement has been reported hundreds of times, in books and documentary's, and although it basically is the same each time, many questions have been raised by researchers over the years about his involvement and his method of handling that involvement.


On July 5, 1947, Glenn said he received several phone calls at the funeral home from the base asking about the chemicals required in embalming fluid, and what effects bodies exposed to the elements would have on tissue, stomach contents, etc. He was also called and asked how many hermetically sealed children's caskets he had in stock.


According to Dennis, he took an injured airman out to the base in the funeral home ambulance, who had been injured in a vehicle accident in town. (Ballard Funeral home had a contract with the military base for ambulance service and funerals). When he arrived at the base infirmary he noticed metal, (debris), in the back of several Army ambulances parked at the rear entrance of the base hospital. He asked questions when he got inside the hospital and was threatened by a 6' - 2" red headed Captain, basically being told "if you go in to town and spread any rumors, they'll be picking your bones out of the sand".

He also saw a nurse that he knew very well coming out of a store room with her face covered, nauseated, who told him "to get out of here before you get in trouble".


The next day at the nurse's request, Glenn met the nurse at the Officers Club, where she explained that she had been involved with pathologist, taking notes, during their examination of bodies. She described the beings to him, and according to Glenn Dennis, she drew a picture of an alien hand and face on the back of a prescription pad and gave it to him.


According to Glenn Dennis, the nurse was suddenly shipped out the next day, supposedly to Europe, where shortly thereafter it was reported that she had been killed in a plane crash. There is no record of a plane crash.


Mr. Dennis, because he says he made a solemn oath to the nurse to not reveal her name, has not revealed it in 50 years. He did however send two well known researchers on a wild goose chase for over 5 years, with a wrong name. And when questioned about the drawing given to him by the nurse, he states he misplaced it or lost it. You can imagine the importance of these two pieces of evidence in solving the Roswell Incident, (the piece of paper and the name of the nurse), which thus far, Glenn Dennis has not satisfactorily explained to any researcher. Many of Mr. Dennis' other claims pertaining to who he knew and how he was involved, are also being seriously investigated today, and that investigation will continue until the truth about his involvement is known.


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