"Always Telling the Truth Means Never Having to Remember Anything"

-Dennis Balthaser



By Dennis Balthaser



Lots of Questions


Over a month passed by and I still didn't know what had gone wrong between the son and I, and the arrangements we had made. I'll be honest with you, for several days after the experience I was paranoid. I really didn't know what would happen when I turned the ignition key on my truck or walked into my apartment, but I decided, I'm not going to live like this, so on July 23rd, I decided to call the son again to see if we could talk.


The same female answered the phone, and when I asked for the son, I told her this is Dennis in Roswell. I got the usual  "Wait one moment,"  and then what seemed like an eternity until she came back, to inform me, "I'm sorry, I tried to catch him as he was driving out of the driveway, and he'll be back Saturday.  Can I get a number?"  I gave her my number and asked her to have him call me after 9pm on Saturday July 26th. He never returned that call.


So what conclusion can I draw from this experience? Well, based on the fact that two agents were sent up from Dallas, and at least one was flown in from Virginia, who stayed several days, probably at considerable expense to us taxpayers, I think it's safe to assume that I was unto something very important relating to the Roswell incident.  I for one do not appreciate someone disrupting my life, or invading my privacy, if I'm not breaking the law, particularly when I'm paying their salary and expenses as a taxpayer.  I guess however, they would say I'm violating national security.


What about the comment the agent made to me at the restaurant about a leak in Roswell, maybe at the museum, with information getting back to Washington. A leak about what?  According to our government and the Air Force, and recently the CIA, the Roswell Incident didn't happen, and if it did it was one of three different types of balloons, so what could possibly be leaking? Maybe one of the three balloon stories over the last 50 years is leaking.


Why would they want to come out to look for a homing device that's transmitting signals?  Were the Air Force dummies carrying them in 1953, when the dummies were first used, 6 years after the Roswell Incident?


Was I set up from the beginning by the son, who had a retired Colonel friend that used to work in intelligence?  I hope not, because I'd like to believe both the son and the father after having talked to them on the phone and heard the emotion in their voices.  I really wonder how the father is doing with his battle with cancer.


What is the possibility that unknowing to me, I'm being used by the government to inform, or misinform  the public.  I was given a lot of information, mostly in small tempting pieces, but information non the less.  Surely these agents knew I would at the least, return to Roswell and talk to the staff at the museum about my trip to Oklahoma and the negative results it produced.  What I have told you tonight is absolutely factual and truthful, as I heard it. Is the information I was told, factual and truthful? I don't know. If given the opportunity, I would accept the responsibility of passing on information, as I've done tonight, if I knew it was the truth, because that's all we want - the truth.


My intention tonight is not to present new information about the Roswell incident, but rather to simply, honestly and truthfully inform you that after 50 years, I believe the United States government is still preventing people from obtaining information about the Roswell incident, and I called it an "interception".


Am I scared?




Am I concerned? Most definitely I'm concerned, about myself personally, but more importantly, if standing up here tonight and telling the truth about what I experienced and was told means I have to be concerned, then this country of ours has more perplexing problems than we can imagine. I still believe, "always telling the truth, means never having to remember anything".


If the government thinks I violated national security tonight, it's obvious to me that what happened near Roswell 50 years ago, was not a balloon of any kind, and it's time we knew the truth.


I was "intercepted".


For those of you wondering if I ever tried to contact the son again, the answer is yes.


On September 3, 1997, at 8:00pm, I called and when a gentleman answered the phone I asked for the son. He said you must have the wrong residence, he doesn't live here anymore. He asked who was calling? I said this is Dennis calling, to which he replied, that don't tell me nothing Dennis. So I thanked him and hung up.


It's now obvious that I have been taken out of the loop, because the only phone number I had, no longer permits me to contact the son, since I was told he no longer lives there. I guess I'll wait to be contacted in a way I've never been contacted. I have my doubts if that will happen, now that I've decided to go public. I also don't think I'll ever be told what the test results of the metal were, but then again, I never believed they would tell me anyway.


Perhaps there is some other elderly gentleman out there, that was assigned to Roswell in 1947, willing to come forward. If there is, I assure you that I will be the first in line to try and get the information, whether I'm intercepted or not.


I had an experience with my government, that you now know, that I will carry with me for the rest of my life. There is no doubt in my mind that something very important happened near Roswell 50 years ago, because while attempting to find out, I was intercepted. Thank you.



Interception Case Closed: Time and Perseverance Ends the Interception





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