"Always Telling the Truth Means Never Having to Remember Anything"

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 Dennis says: "If you always tell the truth, you never have to remember anything"- but I know I will remember this tour FOREVER! My group (3 dudes and a girl in their mid twenties) was passing through Roswell in between stops at Grand Canyon and Marfa. The tour with Dennis is definitely the best thing we did in Roswell. Dennis is the kind of guy you meet and you just want to hear him talk! He is an amazing story teller paired with an incredible wealth of knowledge. We loved the tour so much we not only all left as believers, but we want to take more tours with him on any other research project he has (or really anything.) Dennis is so cool, that I even like the name Dennis now. Visited July 2013


Since starting my research of the Roswell Incident over 25 years ago, my main objective has always been to obtain what factual information I could and share that information with the public in interviews, lectures or writing editorials. Doing tours would of course open another source for sharing my research.


My first request for a tour was from a young lady from New Zealand. Since then I have done tours with people from England, Mexico and Canada, in addition to many from within the United States.



I had the pleasure of taking this nice couple from Guam (pictured above) on a tour in May of 2015. Not knowing where folks are from until I meet them is the fun and sometimes surprising part of doing tours.


Many of the people that have requested tours have contacted me through RoswellUFOTours.com, while a few have contacted me directly either by my email address truthseeker@dfn.com or by telephone at (575) 625 8402.


During the tours at each location on the itinerary I explain the significance of each location, the people that were involved there in 1947 and am able to share information that many had not heard or read about before in books or seen in TV documentaries. Many of the people that have taken the tours have commented afterwards that I provided an insight they hadn’t heard or didn’t know before taking the tour.



 "Really makes Roswell worth going to" Dennis' tour is really a wonderful way to bring the Roswell incident to life. The hours we spent with him added color and context to the events that simply wandering around with a guidebook could not have come close to. He is an encyclopedia of knowledge about the incident, the town, the base, the people and weaves that information into a fascinating day. He is more than willing to thoughtfully answer questions and far from trying to push any agenda, he comes off as somebody who has spent a considerable amount of time researching and studying the events and is passionate in his search for answers. Highly recommended. -- REVIEW


The tours are fairly consistent in length usually taking approximately 2 hours to complete. Photograph opportunities are available at each location, and I always welcome questions about a certain location in order to better inform those taking the tour about what occurred at a certain location or who or what was involved there. Unfortunately several of the structures or buildings no longer exist as they did in 1947, however I am able to explain what was at a certain location and the significance it had as related to the 1947 Incident.


Since I furnish the transportation for the tours, I have limited small groups to 3 or 4 people, however other arrangements can be made for larger groups such as bus tours. In the case of larger groups that are staying over night in Roswell at a local hotel I also offer to do a lecture for those groups if desired. Tours can be arranged for mornings or afternoons; whichever fits the traveler’s schedule best.


Since the time people stay in Roswell varies from a few hours to a few days, the various Museums in town are not included in the tour, but I always recommend that if their time permits, I strongly suggest visiting one or all of the Museum’s Roswell has to offer.


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Roswell UFO Tours By Dennis Balthaser Tours "Dennis' tour takes you to the sites and homes of the people involved in the Roswell incident and will blow any TV show on the same subject out of the water." --Review Dennis is a certified UFO investigator with MUFON, and is a member of the advisory board for the Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association. Dennis has been featured in over 350 T.V., radio, broadcasts, including: CNN; MTV; SCI-FI; The Today Show; Dateline; Nightline; NBC, ABC, Nightly news; Jeff Rense, Coast to Coast; Discovery Channel; National Geographic, and most recently, The History Channel...(to mention a few). ﷯


• Take a tour around Roswell and to the old Roswell Army Airfield base with nationally known researcher, Dennis Balthaser.



• Visit where key witnesses lived in 1947, drive by several Roswell museums. Learn about Roswell's involvement in the Old West, and tour the base where the action was pertaining to the 1947 Roswell UFO Incident.

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