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By Dennis Balthaser



The Set Up


I left Roswell early on the morning of June 13, 1997, knowing I had a full days drive ahead of me, alone, to anticipate seeing my son, whom I hadn't seen in quite awhile, which I was looking forward to. I planned on asking him to video tape the interview, should I be allowed to do one, but I also would let him decide if he wanted to be involved, after I explained why I had come to Oklahoma, in addition to visiting with him. His involvement would be his decision, and I would respect whatever he decided. I also had plenty of time while driving, to reflect on the events that had taken place during the past two weeks.


I arrived at my destination in Oklahoma about 5pm, and immediately called my son, to let him know which motel I was at. He agreed to come right over.


After my son arrived at the motel, we visited a while before I explained why I had come to Oklahoma. I told him at this point, I wasn't sure whether the family would allow this gentleman to be video or audio taped when I met with them tomorrow, but if they agreed, it would help me, if he could operate the taping equipment. When I explained the importance of this trip and the possible consequences, my son did not seem comfortable with my request, and I totally accepted that. My interest in ufology and getting the truth about Roswell, does not allow me to try and influence anyone else, and I would not be a good father if I involved my children in anything they're not comfortable with, so his decision to not be involved was totally acceptable to me.


My son offered to show me the college campus prior to us going to dinner, which I was anxious to see. I told him before we left the motel, I wanted to call the gentleman I came to see, to let him know I was in town and to set up a meeting time for tomorrow.


I called the number I had been given 10 days earlier when I set up the trip, and the person answering the phone sounded like a young woman.  I asked for the son, whose name we had been given during the first call he made to us.  She told me he was out of town on an emergency.  She said she was there taking care of the dogs, and that he would be back tomorrow morning or afternoon.  I told her I was supposed to meet with him and I would call back in the morning.


I didn't feel comfortable with that phone call, because details of getting together had been thoroughly worked out during the past 2 weeks, and he had not called me back to change our schedule, but I had to assume maybe he did really have an emergency.  I told my son something didn't seem right, and I decided to look in the local phone book to verify the information I had on this gentleman.


There was no one in the phone book by the name we were given, so maybe he had an unlisted number. But when I looked in the yellow and white pages for an attorney by the name we were given, I also drew a blank, no listing.  Had I driven all this way and prepared myself for a hoax.  I wasn't going to accept that due to the sincerity of the son and the father during the telephone conversations we had.  I felt I had one more option.  I knew the address we had been given to mail the tape to the son, so I asked my son if he knew where the street was.  He said yes. We found the address, and when we drove by, my son said, didn't you tell me he was an attorney?  I knew what my son was thinking, because the address was a trailer house in a trailer park.  The trailer house created some doubts to our assumption of where an attorney would live, but not valid enough to take that assumption any further.  My son and I eventually toured the campus and ate dinner, while I reflected on the days events for the rest of the night. Tomorrow the son would be back in town and things would transpire as originally planned.  In a day or two, I would be on my way back to Roswell, possibly with physical proof about the Roswell Incident.


I woke up Saturday morning anticipating what the past two weeks of planning would produce.  At 9:45am I called the number we were given for the son, ready to set up our meeting time.  I got a recording and left my name and motel phone number where I could be reached.  I figured, 'If he's not back from his emergency trip, I'll try again later. '  I called again at noon, another recording and I again left a message.  My third call was made at 2pm, and when I again got the recording, I was becoming concerned. It was  becoming apparent that maybe we had been hoaxed, and that the whole thing might have been a wasted effort on our part.  I laid around the motel all day waiting for a return call from the son, afraid to go anywhere for fear of missing his call.


At 3:30pm, my motel phone rang, and I quickly answered it.  A female voice asked for Dennis, I said this is Dennis.  She said her name was Christie, and she and Ed would meet me at Denny's restaurant at 7:00pm.  She said Ed would be wearing a dark suit, and she would be wearing a light green dress.  If I got there first, they would prefer a non-smoking table.


So the contact was now made, I would finally get to meet the son, and if he agreed, I would stay over to interview his dad on Sunday.  I had 3 1/2 long hours to wait, and got to thinking, why did a female call me instead of the son, whom we had been dealing with all along.  Trying to remain optimistic, I assumed it might have been his wife or daughter calling to simply pass on the meeting time to me.


So the time arrived, I went to Denny's at 10 minutes till 7, found a table and sat down.


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