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By Dennis Balthaser



Preparation For Contact


On Tuesday night, June 3rd, I made the call to Oklahoma to discuss the details of me coming over, with the intent of obtaining the metal and possibly other items his dad had, and hopefully to sit down with his dad for an interview about his experiences at Roswell in 1947. Since I could go anytime, I asked the son when would be convenient for him and his father.


I told him I was calling from my apartment, (which I later found out didn't make any difference, if I had any thoughts of my phone being more secretive than the ones at the museum, as it wasn't).


I informed him that our staff at the museum had thoroughly discussed our latest phone call when I talked to his dad, and we were agreeable to obtaining the metal at a time and place he and I could agree on.  He said "OK, when would you like to do it?"   I asked him if a weekend would be better, and he said yes due to his work schedule.  (During his first phone call to us, he had indicated he was an attorney.  That would create problems for me when I got to Oklahoma as I wouldn't be able to verify that).  I checked the calendar, and told him I could drive over on Friday, June 13, meet with them on Saturday, and even Sunday if necessary.  (For the record, let's just say it was coincidental that the interception happened on the weekend of Friday the 13th).  We agreed on those dates and, I confirmed the address he had given us to mail him the video.


I informed him that I would like to bring a video camera, cassette tape recorder and use one or both or neither, depending on how he and his father felt about recording the information. That decision would strictly be theirs and I would respect whichever they chose.  He said that would be OK.  I told him I would like to tape the information his dad had told me on the phone, in order to be sure that I had all the facts correct.  I also told him that after that phone call with his dad, I had some additional questions on certain details that I'd like to clarify.


He told me, that a few days ago he had talked to a close friend of his who is a retired Colonel, that had been talking to him about his work in intelligence and some of the things he knew about aliens, UFOs, etc. That didn't set well with me, but I also decided not to dwell on it.


I asked him if his Dad had the original container that the metal was kept in all these years, and he said yes.   His dad had kept it in a 60 year old pouch made by indians.  I thought it would be good to have that with the metal, but also assumed it probably had sentimental value to his dad.


I commented how coherent I thought his dad was on the phone when we talked and appeared sharp for his age and medical condition. He said he was very much so, still drove a car, and


except for the cancer, he was very active.   He said he was diagnosed with cancer in October, 1996, and not given any chance for recovery.


He told me the metal was now at a friends house for safe keeping, as he wanted to be sure it got properly transferred to us when we decided to get it.  Again, this was not something I was pleased with, but trying to understand the concern he had emphasized about having it in all previous phone calls, I accepted it as a decision he felt comfortable with. After all arrangements were now in place for me to go to Oklahoma and get it.


He said he had been given a copy of the recent Popular Science magazine, featuring the museum and asked if the picture of the alien was a real alien.   I explained that it was a movie prop from the Showtime movie, and a very popular display at the museum.


We talked briefly about the UFO phenomenon, why the government would cover it up, and other related things.


Our conversation ended with him thanking me for the call, and saying he was looking forward to meeting me, and would see me next weekend.  That never happened. As of this moment, I have still not met him, and probably never will.


I gave him my home phone number and asked him to call me if there were any changes to our schedule.


The next day I again shared this phone call information and the schedule we had worked out, with the staff at the museum.  Everyone agreed, and if anyone asked where I was next weekend, they would simply be told I had gone to Oklahoma to visit my son at college.


I asked the staff to come up with any questions they wanted me to ask, if I was given the opportunity to visit with the father.   As it turned out there were a lot of questions. Some were simply expanding on information he had already given us, while a few others were seeking additional information. The list of questions was as follows:


• Could he recall the date he was assigned to the MP detachment?


• Had leaves and passes been canceled before or after July 3rd, while he was stationed at Roswell?


• What was involved in a mid-level alert?


• How many troops and how many trucks were used when driven out of town, and since he said they were not briefed, were they told anything?


• Could he see anything driving from the base to the site?


• Any idea who the civilians were at the site and how many were there?


• What was the general terrain, and did you look at the ridge you were told not to look at?


• Any idea who the people from Washington were that had arrived 3 days earlier?


• What did he remember about the being walking into the hospital: Clothing, markings, hands, feet, face, hair, etc.


• First name or rank of Easley, who was in charge of the military Police detachment?


• About the piece of metal?


• Anyone else pick up any of it, like he did?


• How was he able to conceal it for the last 50 years?


• When was the last time he saw it prior to showing it to his son?


• What did he know about people being involved having mysterious accidents?


If the family agreed to an interview with the father, I would also attempt to obtain a notarized statement from him, which should not be difficult to obtain, if in fact the son was an attorney.

Ten days later I would discover that none of this would transpire, due to the interception. But for the time being, I had ten days to think about the implications of what I was about to engage in, plan the cover I had set up, and prepare to go to Oklahoma.  I couldn't help but think that we were unto something really important, in helping to finally solve the Roswell Incident, 50 years later.


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