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Roswell Then and Now: The Crash


By Dennis Balthaser


The site I mentioned as being the most credible, with documented information, is the Corona debris site located 60 miles northwest of Roswell. During a severe thunderstorm, (about 11 or 11:30 on the night of July 4th), there was a ranch foreman on the Foster ranch named Mac Brazel, that heard an explosion, louder than thunder. The next morning he went out on horseback to check his sheep and look at his windmills for damage from the storm the night before, when he came upon a debris field, several hundred feet wide by three quarters of a mile long, filled with pieces of debris. There was so much material that his sheep wouldn't go across it. He had to lead them around it, to get them to water. He gathered some of the debris and put it in an old shed at the ranch until he could get to town a few days later, on the advice of a neighbor he had shown some of the material to, a day or two after recovering it.



Another site, today known as the Corn ranch site, is located approximately 22 miles north of Roswell and 4 or 5 miles west of Route 285, which runs from Roswell, north through Vaughn New Mexico, to Albuquerque. This site was made famous in books by Randle and Schmitt in the early 1990's based primarily on military witnesses. The theory for this site is that the craft had come down on the ranch near Corona, hit the ground and went airborne again, impacting at this site. There were reports of bodies and a triangular shaped craft. The Corn family bought this ranch in 1976 from the McKnight family who owned it in 1947. One of the McKnight family members signed a notarized affidavit in 1997, stating their family had homesteaded this ranch in 1901 or 1902, and that to his knowledge no UFO ever crashed on their ranch in 1947. He appeared emphatic that had any military retrieval of anything been done on their ranch, they would have known about it, as getting to the site would have been impossible because of the terrain, without going past the ranch house. Very few researchers today believe that the Corn ranch site was involved with the Roswell Incident, however the possibility exists that this may have been a diversionary site by the military witnesses. As with nearly everything related to the Roswell Incident, it remains as a possibility, until such time that the truth is known.



The third site I will discuss is the Jim Ragsdale site. This location is some 43 miles straight line distance west of Roswell, in the Capitan mountains. Its approximately 3 miles south of the Pine Lodge road which runs from Roswell, west, to Capitan, New Mexico.


Ragsdale claims to have been at Boy Scout mountain with a woman friend when , and I quote, "We were lying in the back of my pickup truck, buck naked, drinking beer, and having a good ole time when about 11:30 the night of July 4, 1947, all hell broke loose", end quote. Ragsdale says looking toward the north/northwest he saw a flash in the sky brighter than a welder's arc, and something fiery coming toward their campground.


He actually thought it was going to hit the campground, taking off the tops of trees as it came in, crashing about 60 yards from his pickup. Ragsdale in his story, first made public in 1993, went into detail about the bodies, which he referred to as little people, and a vivid description of what the inside of the craft looked like. A few of the problems encountered by researchers with Ragsdale's story was the fact that he gave two different statements of his account on two separate affidavits.


So the Ragsdale story although no longer verifiable by him, since he died in 1995, also remains as questionable until further documented proof is brought forward on his site, and whatever connection it may have had with the Roswell Incident.


Perhaps by now you're beginning to realize how difficult it is to investigate an event such as the Roswell Incident, since no stone can remain unturned, and no witnesses account can be ignored.


Other sites may have also been involved, as Stanton Friedman, nuclear physicist and long time Roswell researcher, has talked about the Plains of St. Augustine to the west of Socorro, NM, and rumors surface from time to time about a site east of Roswell, so the investigation goes on, daily seeking new information.


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As I just stated, there are several crash sites in reference to the Roswell Incident, and  I will concentrate on the Corona debris site, since that one is currently, the most documented and believable based on information available.


Map of the crash site locations (left).


Prior to the crash on the ranch near Corona, there was activity noted for a few days about strange objects in the sky as witnessed by several individuals in Roswell. Two Catholic nuns (Mother Superior Mary Bernadette and Sister Capistrano), were looking out the third floor window of St. Mary's Hospital at the change of their shift late on the night of July 4, 1947, when they saw a flash and something fiery going toward the ground in the distance. They made a note in their log book and believed it was a disabled aircraft.



St. Mary's Hospital as it would have appeared in 1947 (left) .


St. Mary's just prior to total demolition in 1999 (right).


Circa, 1977  Courtesy of the Historical Society for Southeast New Mexico

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