"Always Telling the Truth Means Never Having to Remember Anything"

-Dennis Balthaser



By Dennis Balthaser





This part of my lecture will deal with the "interception", and all the events I am sharing with you tonight, happened starting at 7:00pm, on the night of June 14, 1997, in Oklahoma. I again want to state that what I am telling you and making public is solely my decision, and I take full responsibility for what I am telling you. I didn't take any notes during the meeting, but as soon as I returned to the motel I tape recorded what I could remember on cassette tape. Three and one-half hours of meeting is a lot of information to remember.


A few minutes after I arrived at the restaurant, a couple walked in fitting the clothing description I had been given, of a man in a dark suit and a woman in a light green dress.  They walked over to my table, and he said "are you Dennis?"  I said yes.  He said, "I'm Ed, this is Christie", and we sat down.


He told me the man I was expecting to meet with, would not be at the meeting.


I don't think I need to go into a lot of detail here to explain to you how I felt at that instant. When he told me, "we are not who you expected", that was a statement I will carry with me forever. I knew I was at the wrong place at the wrong time, and all the communication problems I had encountered during the last 24 hours, trying to contact the son, were now evident and explainable... I had been intercepted.


My newly acquired meeting partner, Ed, informed me that he and Christie worked for OSI, which stands for Office of Special Investigation, working out of the Dallas, Texas office, and that they answered directly to Langley Air Force Base in Virginia. We all know among other things, Langley is home to the CIA. He said they both worked for OSI as agents. He told me he was 43 years old. She was younger and worked with him as an assistant. He told me Ed and Christie were not their real names, but would use those names for our meeting. He admitted that my telephone and the phones at the museum were tapped.  (Remember I said earlier, I would find out that my telephone was not secure, as I had assumed it was). They knew I was coming to Oklahoma on Monday, five days before I left. Apparently the son, whom I was supposed to meet, also has a different name  from what we were given. (I felt I had proven that to myself the night before, when I couldn't locate him in the phone book by the name or occupation he had given us). I also gathered from my conversation with the agent, that the son's wife through a friend of theirs, had contacted the OSI. Perhaps the retired Colonel I mentioned earlier, who supposedly was keeping the metal for safe-keeping. That contact informed the OSI that I was coming to Oklahoma to talk to the father, and to obtain the metal.


The agent told me he had seen the metal last night, handled it, and it is definitely strange metal that can be folded up and will go back to its original shape.


I didn't exactly feel threatened during our 3 1/2 hour meeting, but I was led to believe that they had an awful lot of authority, pertaining to UFOs. He said his boss was gunned down in Florida two weeks earlier by the CIA. He admitted the government is well aware of UFOs, they do exist, and that Roswell is real. He indicated there was a leak coming out of Roswell, perhaps out of the UFO museum, reporting back to Washington. He would not get specific as to who it was, but just said that the museum probably should be careful. He said the government was going to make the UFO information public, as soon as they can figure out a way how to do it, as there are many problems with setting that up, in order for people not to panic, and to make sure that the news media obtained and reported the information correctly.


He had extremely good knowledge about the Roswell incident of 1947. He laid out a New Mexico map in front of us, and said the craft had been picked up on radar out of Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, by a device in the mountains near Cloudcroft, and the Roswell Army Air Field, at speeds of up to 3500 miles per hour, in a southeast direction, and then it disappeared.


He talked about the Corona debris site, and he talked a little about Jim Ragsdale, but had not known that Ragsdale had a woman friend with him at the time. He said the Plains of St. Augustine were not part of the Roswell incident. He mentioned Aztec as a possible site, that was picked up by Kirtland Air Base, meaning physically picked up by Kirtland Air Base personnel.


He told me, he and three other members of OSI, plus a CIA agent were planning on coming to Roswell to investigate some things, and talked about some of the equipment they are bringing with them to do it, apparently in an attempt to find out where the leaks are coming from.


The agent actually gave me the impression of wanting to know what the truth was, but being obligated to his work with OSI, he was not at liberty to talk about that with many people.


When I brought up some names affiliated with the Roswell Incident, he thought Kevin Randle might still be involved with intelligence; he believes Bob Lazar;  we talked about Wendel Stevens;  a Lieutenant Colonel Gray,   and several other names I couldn't remember when I made notes later.


He indicated that when they come to Roswell, I would be contacted in a way that I've never been contacted before, saying it would not be by letter, fax or telephone. He said they had a way of contacting people that was totally different, and totally obvious when the contact is made.  (Speculate on that all you want--I already have).


I asked him if Majestic 12 was real. He said it was and it still existed.


He talked about the alien bodies in the Roswell Incident, saying there were four. One of them was alive-in fact is still alive.


We talked about the metal I had intended to pick up in Oklahoma, and he didn't know who the family would give it to. (As I confirmed later, the government already had it). He understood if the museum got it, we would have it tested, and go public with the results eventually.  If they get it (they being the government), it will not go public.


He told me there were about 50 agents such as himself, all over the country, in different locations.(There may be some here in the audience tonight). He said there were other countries involved in the cover-up with the United States.


When he talked about the one alien being alive, he mentioned the scenario that when this craft crashed, the alien probably realized that his compadres were dead, and he knew there were other craft scouting in the area, and he placed a homing device in the desert, which he said was detected in the 1960's with a transmission about once a month. Today it is transmitting about every 73 hours. That homing device is one of the things they want to look for when they come to Roswell.


He asked me if I knew about the craft that supposedly crashed in Roswell, as far as the shape of it? He showed me four drawings of different shaped UFOs. I told him that there were actually 2 stories. One involved the disc shape, and the other involved a craft shaped like a shield or heel of a shoe, arrowhead or triangular. He indicated the Roswell craft was not a disc - that it was triangular.


He discussed the religious impact of UFOs, the power that the Catholic church has, and the fact that most Christians don't look at UFOs in the broad picture, depicted in the Bible. He agreed with me that UFOs have probably been in existence for thousands of years, referring to the Egyptians, the Mayans, the Incas and other civilizations that have been on earth, with astonishing technology.


He talked about a government project Snowbird, which when accessed on a computer will give you a long list of numbers, symbols and fractions, which shuts down the access to that project, for the public.


The homing device he talked about still being in the desert can be picked up on a 40 channel CB receiver and he gave me the frequency.


He told me about a book on Area 51, which is a novel, but contains a tremendous amount of security information, and he mentioned a woman's name who is 72 years old, still living in Roswell, who was a nurse at the base, as a civilian, and asked to leave the base when the incident happened.  He mentioned a Colonel Turner, who was the pilot of the 4 bodies taken to Wright Patterson Air Force Base.


If and when the UFO information is made public, he said, it will probably be released by the Joint Air Technical Intelligence Center.


He asked me about the temperature required to melt or fuse metal together with sand forming a glass like substance, and also the theory about the craft coming down near Corona, going airborne again and then crashing at another location.


He indicated he and the woman with him would be returning to Dallas after our meeting, and he would make a report about the meeting to his superiors, and again said he didn't know what the son would decide to do with the metal. (I later discovered that at least one other agent was in Oklahoma, and they had the metal). I assumed the agents talking to me did not have the metal in their possession while talking to me, but again told me they had seen it the night before, while I was trying to contact the son.


I had a hard time reading the agent as to where he was coming from or going during our 3 1/2 hours together in the meeting, because he appeared to be confiding a lot of information to me, that he didn't have to.  He again indicated he also wanted the truth known, but due to his affiliation with the OSI, what had happened to his boss, the involvement of the CIA, maybe the FBI, he may not have felt secure himself in publicly talking about it too much.  He told me he could not handle the people that were "kooks" and the "cults", and things like that, but was very interested in people that had knowledge of ufology in general.


He told me about the time when President Reagan was addressing the United Nations (and I heard this before), when he slipped up while talking about Star Wars.  Immediately afterwards, Reagan was briefed on the status of UFOs in the United States and world wide, and pretty well threatened to not publicly talk about it again. He said Truman briefed Eisenhower when he was still a General on the UFO situation, and agreed with me that President Bush probably had knowledge of ufology due to having been the head of the CIA, before he was elected President. He further agreed with me that other presidents are probably not knowledgeable about all of the facts on ufology, knowing it exists but not much more.


We talked about the agents security clearance, which is a very high clearance, and that there were only a few people in the "Need-to-know" classification.


When the meeting ended, the three of us left the restaurant. I went to my truck and they went to their car. It appeared as if there might have been a little cat and mouse game between us to decide who would drive out of the parking lot first. I eventually did, but I also looked in my rearview mirror more than usual until I arrived at the motel.


Before I made these notes on a tape recording, which I have just reviewed with you, I decided I needed to hear a familiar voice, so I called one of the museum staff members in Roswell at 11:15pm, to inform him that I had been intercepted by agents of the OSI, and I would give them all the details when I returned home, which I was planning on doing the next day.


Since I did not take notes during the meeting, I was able to recall some information, during the long drive back alone in the truck.


When the agent talked about the homing device that is possibly still out in the desert, with the signal being transmitted every 73 hours, he indicated the transmission was of such short duration, that up until now they have not been able to locate it, as it couldn't be traced.


He had also said that something big was going to happen in Roswell, soon, according to Washington. When I questioned him, he would not go into any details, other than something big was going to happen. I tried to talk to him at length about the cover-up, to see what information I could obtain. He seemed to think that the cover-up was pretty much controlled by several people with money, with great deals of money and the effects that making this information public would have on people in this country that control the money.


When we were looking at the New Mexico map, he indicated that the craft had been picked up by radar at Kirtland Air Base, in Albuquerque, the location near Cloudcroft and the Roswell Army Airfield. I asked him if Roswell might have had better radar than other facilities, due to the 509th being assigned there, and White Sands because of what was taking place there in the 40's. He agreed with that and said yes by all means. He indicated the range of the radar was some 85 miles, almost 2 to 3 times farther than I had heard before.


When he told me about 3 OSI and one CIA agent coming to Roswell, he told me a little about how they work. When they want to go in somewhere to do this type of work, they will actually get part-time jobs in the local economy and become part of the community they are in. Other than that he wouldn't go into any details.


Another note I remembered about the piece of metal the agent said he had seen and handled the night before our meeting was, I asked him what color it was? He said it was kind of a mauve color. That was ironic, since that is basically the color used to describe the debris in the back of the Army ambulances in 1947.


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