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By Dennis Balthaser



The Son Calls Back


We only had to wait five days after we shipped the video and packet of information to the son in Oklahoma, to hear from him.


It was Sunday, June 1st, and I had just unlocked the doors to the museum, turned on the lights, and was talking to a group of visitors at the crash and debris site map, when one of our greeters came over to me and said  a gentleman was on the phone that wanted to talk to someone.


When I answered the phone, the son told me he had called the museum earlier in the week, and told me who he had talked to about his father's involvement in the Roswell Incident, generally telling me the same things he had earlier talked about.  I told him who I was, that I was the Operations Manager of the museum, and that I was aware of his previous call.  He told me his father was with him at his home for a visit from the rest home where he stays.  He told me about the piece of metal his father had, which he was just recently made aware of along with his brother.  He was very concerned about having the metal, since his dad had told the two sons that people would kill over this.  He described it as being half dollar size, and it reminded him of chewing gum wrapper paper, or tin foil.  He then told me his father wanted to talk to me.


At this point, I was scrambling to find paper to write on, which I eventually did, winding up with 5 full sheets of notes on yellow tablet paper.  I asked the son if it would be possible to get his dad's story on video or audio tape? ( I knew this would be valuable information, if the father's story was true, just based on the limited information we already knew).  The son told me he thought so, if confidentiality could be maintained. He also told me his dad claimed he saw a  'being'  escorted to the hospital.


I anxiously agreed to talk to his father, who got on the phone and told me about having medical problems with 6 months to live.  He said he felt pretty good, except for a loss of hair, due to treatment he had received.  He apologized for breathing problems, and I told him to take his time.  I noticed that his breathing was labored from time to time during our conversation.  When I mentioned my concern for his confidentiality, he seemed pleased with that.


The following notes were taken during my conversation with the father, which I typed up 6 hours later when I got home, and things were still fresh in my mind.


He had put both of his boys through college, and he told his son what had happened to him in Roswell in 1947. Having talked to the son and father, on the phone, I sensed a closeness in this family.


He served two years in Europe in an Army Infantry Battalion, and was then assigned to a military police detachment at Roswell. He was scheduled for discharge at the end of 1947.


On the 3rd of July 1947, leaves and passes were canceled - no reasons were given, but he didn't think much of it being in the military.


He was 23 years old, and a PFC (Private First Class)at the time.


The base, (Roswell Army Air Field) was under a mid-level alert, he thought "militarily related."


On July 4th, he and others were loaded in transport trucks and they went 20, 25 or 30 miles north of town, before breakfast, with M-1 carbine rifles loaded. They were not briefed.


Several civilians had been told to guard the road and not let anyone in. Civilians were then told to leave or they would be arrested. He indicated a lot of high ranking military were present. One bird colonel, majors, etc.


A black Sergeant in a jeep arrived after about an hour. He went about a mile into the desert and told them to follow. He mentioned more military vehicles and 3 field ambulances. They were told to guard the area, and don't look towards the ridge. There job would be to follow and guard the ambulances. He still thought a plane had crashed.


He also indicated that people from Washington had flown in 3 days earlier.


One ambulance pulled up to the back of a medical facility at the base. An individual, not human, came out of the ambulance with three doctors that were wearing masks, like people wear today for allergies. Three other MPs with him watched the alien get out of the ambulance.  He said it looked like a child, young looking, and it walked in the rear door under it's own power.


Three days later on July 6, his supervisor said that a space ship had landed out there. Ten days later, Easley, in charge of the MP detachment, told them not to talk to anyone including their families, or their military career would be threatened. Four months later, he was discharged at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, debriefed again by executive officer Major Barnswell, who told him I see on your records you were at Roswell, and was told not to remember anything about Roswell.


While out in the desert that night, on guard duty, he found a piece of metal laying in what looked like a washed-out area. He picked it up and put it in his pocket.


He found out last year that he had cancer and had 6 months to live, but planned on living another year. I told him, I hope you do.


He said,  "Dennis the military was very convincing back in 1947. People involved had mysterious accidents."


He had told his wife about this, and she died four years ago.  He is now 73 years old, having been born in 1924.


I asked him if it would be OK to video or audio tape him.  He said if confidential and his two sons were not involved.


In our conversation he mentioned a name that his buddies called him, which I assume was a nickname.


He said another race, other than humans tried to contact us in 1947.


My next question to him was  if he had been searched at the area.  He said , "No, I picked it up and stuck it in my pocket. "  He said there was mass confusion at the site. Being a military policeman, I wouldn't have expected him to be searched.


He mentioned a lieutenant who was "gung-ho", crying like a child, who said I can't believe what I've seen, they're not human.  The bodies were mangled up pretty bad. The lieutenant hysterically walked off mumbling to himself. He was a West Point graduate.


En route to the base, they were told to shoot anyone getting near the vehicles.  He said, "Dennis, I don't know if I could have shot another American, but those were our orders."


He said the being had a peaceful look on its face, and there were three others in an ambulance - dead.


Before he gave the phone back to his son, he said, " Dennis, thank you for listening to me."   I thanked him for sharing his information with me, and told him I would be back in touch with him.  Little did I know at the time, that I would never speak to this man again, nor get anymore information from him.


The son got back on the phone, and told me his father also had other items in addition to the metal, and mentioned something to do with a powdery substance.  He said his brother (the other son) was having trouble dealing with their dad's story, and thought it was caused by medication.  The son told me that after viewing the video we had provided to them, he believed his dad's story, even if his brother didn't.  He again said he had known nothing about the Roswell incident prior to his dad talking to them and showing them the metal.


In order for me to contact him, the son gave me a phone number that he said was his private number, and if not there, he would call me back as soon as possible. I told him I would relay the information I obtained today to our staff at the museum, we would discuss it, and I would get back to him Monday or Tuesday. If they were in fact willing for us to have the metal as they earlier indicated, and the other items his Dad had, related to Roswell, I would personally drive over, as I didn't want to fly due to the possibility of losing the object or having it scanned in luggage or on me.  He agreed and thought that was a good idea.  I told him my son was in college in Oklahoma, and that would be a good reason and excuse to see him, as a cover for me.


He said his dad had told him that he didn't see the craft, but was told it was not saucer shaped, but rather was shaped like an arrowhead, according to troops that did see it. He again told me the metal looks like chewing gum paper, size of a half dollar, and unfolds in 3 to 5 seconds after crumbling.


He said the color was a dull aluminum color.


He again thanked us for the tape and said he appreciated it. His father had watched it four times, making remarks about corrections needed, and wants to view it again.


The next morning, which was Monday, June 2nd, I gathered the museum staff together and reviewed the notes I had taken, making five recommendations which were all thoroughly discussed.


1. A decision will be made for me to contact the son Tuesday, about setting up a meeting time in Oklahoma, to obtain the metal and other items, and also to attempt to video tape this individual if agreeable with his family. I would make the call from my residence rather than from the museum. Using my home phone will be a major factor in the interception, as I will explain later.


2. A list of questions for me to ask the father will be prepared, in order to obtain the maximum amount of information possible about what he knows.


3.I will drive to Oklahoma, using the excuse that I've gone to see my son at college. As it turned out, I think for the most part that was a good plan, as everyone at the museum that I associate with daily, didn't give it a second thought. Some even thought it was good for me to get away for a few days.


4. If agreeable with the people in Oklahoma, I would schedule the trip for sometime during the second week of June, 1997.


5. Finally, arrangements would be made for the safe keeping of the material when I returned to Roswell.  Unfortunately those arrangements would never be necessary, as I never brought anything back from Oklahoma, due to the interception.


Everyone agreed with the plan, I would make contact with the son, set it up and report back when everything was confirmed.


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