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Roswell Then and Now: UFO History


By Dennis Balthaser


Some of us who are serious about ufology, believe that this has been going on for thousands of years. As an example, there are many references in the Bible that can easily be interpreted as relating to ufology. The book of EZEKIEL refers to flying fiery wheels.


What about the ancient civilizations and the technologies they possessed, such as the Egyptians, the Mayas and the Incas? We cannot today, with our modern technology build anything as accurate as the Egyptian pyramids. Where did they get that technology and what happened to it?


Look at our technology today. How many of you, or perhaps your parents or grandparents, as recently as 15 or 20 years ago, ever dreamed that you could pick up a telephone with no wires connected, or sit in front of a keyboard and by pushing a few buttons, you could instantly communicate with any one in the world? Did we have help getting that technology? Some of us think we did, with lasers, microchips, fiber optics, etc.


UFOs have been reported through out recorded history, however the term "flying saucers", was first used by a gentleman named Kenneth Arnold, two weeks before the Roswell Incident on June 24, 1947. Mr. Arnold, an experienced pilot, was flying his private airplane in the State of Washington, near Mt. Rainier, when he spotted 9 craft that he was not familiar with, traveling at tremendous speed. Knowing the distance between Mt. Rainier and Mt. Adams, he was able to calculate their speed at over 1300 miles per hour. This was in 1947. After landing his plane and being questioned by the media about the craft he had seen, Mr. Arnold did not describe the shape of the craft, but rather the erratic movement of the craft, which he said, "was similar to a saucer skipping across water". The media picked up on this term and even today some people refer to them as flying saucers. Most researchers today however, refer to them as UFOs, (Unidentified Flying Objects), which means just that. They are not identifiable as anything we know.


90% of what people report as UFOs are identifiable as man made objects or natural phenomena. It's the 5 to 10% that are unidentifiable that we are interested in.


There were many other reports of flying saucers or discs before and during this same time period, from other witnesses, however what happened near Roswell New Mexico two weeks after Kenneth Arnold's sighting, has lingered on for over 50 years.


As an example of the UFO sighting activity prevalent during just 1947, Larry Hatch recently released a map of 1947 sightings, which involved a 15 year project to accomplish, from a multitude of sources, notably Jan Aldridge and other list members of Project 1947, a much respected historical ufologist group. The sightings on this map are indicated by white marks and just in New Mexico 15 to 20 sightings are very prominent in 1947. The size of this wave was as unprecedented as it was unexpected. Terms like "great airship" and "ghost rockets" fell by the wayside. The flying saucer age began with a bang.


With this many sightings shortly after the end of World War II, it is no wonder why the government and the military were concerned. Some have speculated whether the sightings had any relationship to our race using the first atomic bombs to end the Second World War, and the fact that the first atomic explosion took place in 1945, less than a hundred miles south of Roswell, at Trinity Site on White Sands Missile range. Were they laying out there observing us and decided to come observe us a little closer to see what we were up to?


This map is used with the permission of Larry Hatch See larger map













Another theory for the Roswell Incident was the Japanese Fugo balloons. A book entitled "Secrets and Stories of the War", was published by the Reader's Digest in 1963. It contained an article about the Fugo balloons which were developed by the Japanese after the first bombs fell on Tokyo, April 18, 1942. It took them two years to develop their reprisal, but starting in Nov. 1944, 9,000 were released to float across the pacific ocean


 at an altitude of 30,000 to 35,000 feet on prevailing winds at 100 to 200 miles per hour.

They were designed to drop incendiary and fragmentation bombs on the United States. They appeared everywhere from Alaska to Mexico.


At the end of April 1945 the balloon barrage ceased.


More than likely, this is not what happened at Roswell, since the Roswell Incident occurred in 1947, 2 years after the balloon invasions were halted.

You didn't question people in authority, because you trusted and respected them.

The Roswell Incident actually died just a few days after it happened, and many of the local residents of Roswell knew nothing about it until many years later. You have to understand things were a lot different in 1947 then they are today.


Some examples:


• The rancher's had no telephones.

• Their were two radio stations and two newspapers in Roswell at the time, (no TV), and more importantly, people felt very differently about their government then they do today.

•  If you were involved with the Roswell incident as a civilian or in the military, and you were told to shut up for national security reasons, you did it.


You didn't question people in authority, because you trusted and respected them. (I wish we had that today). As a researcher and investigator, I contact witnesses that were involved and several of them, still, 50 years later, refuse to talk about it. Why? If they were career military, they are afraid of losing their retirement, while others share a fear for themselves and their families safety, and still others are just that dedicated and committed to not revealing anything, because they promised their government they would not talk and quite possibly, they will take their experience to the grave with them. We're running out of time, because people that were involved are now in their 70s or 80s, if still alive.



Photo courtesy of the Historical Society

for Southeast New Mexico


I think here, before I explain some of the events of the Roswell Incident to you, its important for me to tell you who was stationed at Roswell Army Air Field in 1947. The base had one of the longest runways in the United States at 13,000 feet, and most people don't realize that the group involved with the Roswell Incident, was probably the most unique, well qualified group of individuals ever organized. They were known as the 509th Composite Bomb Wing.


That still probably doesn't mean much to you, until I tell you they were the only atomic bomb group in the world at the time, and in fact were the same group that dropped the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, to end the Second World War. These were not ordinary GI's, these were the best we had. The best pilots, the best navigators, the best everything, and we're supposed to believe that they were responsible for handling and delivering atomic bombs, but to dumb to know the difference between a weather balloon and a flying saucer.




Today the "Enola Gay" B-29 airplane,(that was assigned to Roswell Army Air Field after dropping the first atomic bomb), and information about the 509th are on display at the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C. They were without a doubt placed in the history books of time, by being the only group in the history of the world to utilize nuclear weapons, (and hopefully the last ones).Were they also placed in the history books as being involved with what could be the biggest story of the millennium,involvement with a civilization from another world? I suppose time will tell if they get into that history book or not.


The Commanding Officer of the 509th was Colonel William Blanchard. He had to be sharp, to be in charge of the atomic bomb group, and even though he was ridiculed and embarrassed publicly for his actions in the Roswell Incident, — he eventually went on to become a four-star General, at the Pentagon in Washington, quite an advancement and position for one who supposedly messed up over his actions in 1947, dealing with a weather balloon.


Roswell Army Airfield became Walker Air Force Base when the Army and Air Force became separate entities in the late 40's, and remained as a key bomb group during the Cuban missile crisis in the 1960's. The base was deactivated and closed June 30, 1967. Today the runways are still used and the base is now an industrial park.


With that brief description of how the term flying saucers came into being and now knowing who was stationed at Roswell Army Air Field in 1947, we can review some of the events that took place in that July many years ago.


When doing research and investigation about the Roswell Incident, it is very difficult to distinguish between all the various reports and stories that are circulated. Dates don't always match, although most serious researchers now agree that the crash happened on July 4, 1947. Some reports are false or hoaxed, some are still classified, while others are missing, and that's what we'll keep dealing with and investigating until such time that all of the truth is known about what really happened near Roswell. I hope in this presentation you will learn a little more about the Roswell Incident, perhaps from a different perspective than you've heard before.


There are several crash sites, one with much more credibility than the others, and the possibility exists that even other sites could be included with further research. Trying to understand the Roswell Incident, is a challenge unlike any I have ever undertaken, but worth the effort if the truth can be found.


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